Rooms to Let facilitates projects that utilizes the idea, form and space of houses in various conditions; from the vacant lot, to the rehabbed property, to the new development to the foreclosed and to be demolished.

We are in our third year of operation, the program involves collaborations that match artists with abandoned or unused sites in order to create a temporary art event and experience that is mixes the neighborhood, artists and patrons. Rooms to Let creates a shared experience, one that moves all participants out of their communities and into a situation that expands the function and viewing of artwork.

Rooms to let began with an interest in historic works that took the site of the house into the conceptual foundation of the project. Artists such as Kurt Schwitter, Gordon Matta-Clark and the WomanHouse Project were our influence. At our core, we are searching for new directions; for pieces that push the boundaries of art, work that can operate as a catalyst for critical thinking and creating.

Rooms To Let is an open source program. We are happy to help you with organizing a Rooms to Let in your town. Please email the Director Melissa Vogley Woods at

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* ROOMS TO LET CLEVELAND - Just wrapped up and the next RTL will be in Columbus in September of 2014.

RTL Cleveland information:

*Led by Slavic Village Development in conjunction with Zygote Press, Inc.,
Rooms to Let: Cleveland promises to activate and reframe the conversation from emptiness and dormancy to new propositions for engagement and expression.*